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Foto: Foundation - Daria
Foto: Foundation - Daria


In Vienna, as well as in Upper Austria, cooperation with various refugee assistance projects is underway. The AFS Refugee Aid Foundation and some AFS volunteers are integration measures in various projects.



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Foto: Foundation - ÄoG
Foto: Foundation - ÄoG


The AFS-Refugee-Aid-Foundation has a special focus in Bangladesh. The foundation, in cooperation with Doctors Without Borders, brings help to the ongoing conflict affecting the Rohingya ethnic group, who have fled to Bangladesh by the hundreds of thousands and are still forced to flee.

The focus of the work is, among other things, on so-called "health centres" and in the area of psychological support.


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South Sudan

Foto: Foundation - AMREF
Foto: Foundation - AMREF


In the crisis region of South Sudan, together with Doctors Without Borders, people are now being helped who otherwise receive practically no help! Refugees receive mobile medical assistance via off-road vehicle or boat.
In addition, the foundation is involved in a training program for local medical staff, which is currently severely restricted (and unfortunately often interrupted) due to the civil war. More on this in the folder below.


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Brochure "South Sudan" Medical Officers (only in German)
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Special focus on Ukraine

Unfortunately, little needs to be said about the general situation in Ukraine. It is part of the daily reports in the media. Difficult to imagine, because it also far overshadows the extent of the Yugoslav war, is the situation both in terms of caring for refugees (at least eight million Ukrainians are currently fleeing, with the number of refugees in the country in particular are to be collected (details in general: as well as with regard to the special medical challenges, e.g. in connection with severe traumatic injuries and the care of mass victims. A situation for which the - so far - well-developed medical system in Ukraine was and is not prepared.
The AFS-Refugee-Aid-Foundation also helps here. Read more in the magazine "Flüchtlingshilfe-Aktuell" below.

Special Program

Currently a large number of refugees need to be integrated in Europe and also in Austria. Many people, including many AFSers are helping refugees as volunteers and seek support for their activities!

The AFS-Refugee-Aid-Foundation helps with small amounts of money , information , contacts and even personal assistance . If you are looking for support or want to offer support, please contact us: .


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general Information

In 1978 some AFS-Alumni in Austria wanted to add to global awareness through AFS work global action to contribute to the development of a better world. They experienced that AFS is a great opportunity for young people and families. Much is achieved for AFS participants, intercultural learning, global understanding and mobility.
However, there was a large group of people who were forced to leave their homes, who in most cases lost everything and had to get accustomed to new places as refugees. In 1978 there were six million refugees all over the world.
Since then the global number of refugees has grown to 20 million and the need for help has grown accordingly. With the AFS-spirit in the background, the AFS-Foundation for Refugee Support aims to sustain at least some of them.
The AFS-Foundation for Refugee Support orients its work on the roots of the global organization. The so-called Ambulance-Drivers are still the consciousness of AFS. Two World Wars were the starting point of AFS. Unfortunately war is still a reality and most refugees are a result of wars. Refugees depend on the help of the ones that are living in peace and wealth, to survive and possibly to be able to return home later.

The foundation is a comparably small organization. So-called "forgotten camps" are the focus of its activities. It has thus specialized on groups of refugees who need help in places that are not any longer or even have never been helped by large organizations.